Wednesday, February 10, 2021

How to fix syslog, not in persistent storage error

 How to fix Syslogs, not in persistent storage

Non-persistent storage is any volatile storage device (i.e. RAM) that will lose all its content when the system is rebooted. If your ESXi files are stored in such a device you will get a 

System logs on host “your hostname” are stored on non-persistent storage error in the summary tab in vSphere HTML client.

By default, when the location for system logs is not configured. The system uses the scratch partition.


For example:


The reason you want to store your logs in persistence storage is if you were to run into any issues, ESXi will log the issue here. If you call GSS (VMware’s Tech Support) there is a possibility they will ask for these logs. You want to be able to locate them quickly since the meter is running and the business wants the issues solved ASAP!

Solving the issue:

  1. Log into vCenter HTML client

  2. Navigate to menu > host and clusters

  3. Select the host with nonpersistent storage 

  4. Navigate to the configure menu

  5. Expand system in the side-menu

  6. Select advanced settings

  7. Click Edit

  8. In the search field enter “sys”

  9. In setting update the value

  10. Enter [YourDataStoreName]/scratch/log ←--This will create a folder in the datastore for logs (YourDataStoreName/scratch/log)

  11. Before pressing the “ok” button change another value

  12. In the filter field, enter “Scratch”

  13. update value

  14. Enter [YourDataStoreName]/scratch/log ←-Mine is ScuzzySSD

15. Leave the other values alone
16. Press “Ok”
17. Navigate back to the Summary tab in Host and Clusters
18. Observe error has gone away

Additional note on Step 10:

If you get a general error “ A general system error occurred: Internal error:

This is resolved if by creating a log folder in the datastore you are using for persistent storage

  1. Navigate to Home in vCenter

  2. Storage, in the side-menu

  3. Click on the DataStore you configured for persistent storage (Mine is ScuzzySSD)

  4. Click the “Scratch” folder

  5. Click new folder

  6. Name it (I named it logs)

  7. Done

  8. Observer: Internal error should be gone

More information:

You can find more information here. 


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