Friday, November 6, 2020

How to install ESXi via USB

With ESXi having a small footprint using a USB stick to install vSphere is real easy. For the purposes of this example, I will be installing ESXi 6.7 on my HP DL 380 server.

Things needed:
  • USB stick ~5Gb or above. I will be using a SanDisk 32Gb USB 3.0

  • ISO maker (
  • Hardware (HP DL 380 12CPU x5670 @2.93GHz) (64Gb of RAM)
Most enterprises install ESXi on an SD Card since all storage is presented from external system and is typically not be installed locally. But for a home lab and this demo, I have elected to install it locally. 

1. Locate the USB stick you wish to use as a boot device
2. Format USB to FAT32 (If applicable)
3. Use your software of choice to make a bootable USB drive (I used UNetbootin)
4. Download your version of ESXi you wish to install (
5. Launch UNetbootin
6. Create a bootable iso
7. Insert the USB stick and power on the server
8. Upon startup, hit the special keys to enter the boot order menu
9. Choose boot from USB
10. Install ESXi 

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